This section includes a brief summary of the complaints that have not been sent to the Prosecutor Ministry, together with the petition that contains the full text of the complaint.

Judicial authoritarianism against lawyers and against the social sector
The leaders and lawyers of several associations have been financially sanctioned, denounced and condemned criminally, illegally, by more than 48 prosecutors and judges of several Autonomous Communities.
Therefore, it is denounced that from the Public Prosecutor's Office and from the judiciary, all lawyers and all associations are intimidated, so that they do not defend the population, leaving it defenseless in the hands of public authorities.
The tyranny of prosecutors and judges is destroying the lives of thousands of people each year, not only the poor but also the rich and entrepreneurs. Anyone can be its victim.

Sign this petition to prevent prosecutors and judges from permitting lawyers and judges to defend us:


One of the reasons of these practices have been publicly denounced in 2018, in the news with headline: ”Un negocio mafioso de los jueces” (A mafioso business of judges)