We are concerned that institutions encourage the IMPUNITY of judges. This IMPUNITY has led them to not comply with the law and that it is customary to sell their sentences, apply their ignorant beliefs and increase the authoritarianism (State "not democratic" and "dissuasive" in the words of the ECHR). This impulse is carried out by the four public powers (legislative, executive, judiciary and constitutional), both nationally and at the regional level.

We oppose that the mainstream among prosecutors and judges, be promote IMPUNITY in their groups.

We oppose that prosecutors and judges are forced to accept the systemic authoritarianism imposed by their collaterals and superior instances or hierarchies. In other words, systemic authoritarianism pressures prosecutors and judges to not comply the law.


We oppose that the IMPUNITY of the judges be extended to the rest of the public authorities. IMPUNITY has made most of the authorities have turned their public service work into a means to enrich themselves, to favor their family and friends, to give vent to their sadism and their vices, impose their ignorant beliefs and promote an authoritarian regime.

The Constitutional Court itself affirms that the judicial control of the institutional functioning is the "authentic royal clause of the Rule of Law". A State of Law that does not exist in practice.

This system, close to authoritarianism than democracy, has led to Spanish society to decline. For the first time in history, generations of young people are living worse than their parents', because authoritarianism has made decline get over progress.


We oppose prosecutors and judges destroying people's lives, leaving us helpless, subjecting us, ruining us, psychologically traumatizing us for life and eliminating the rule of law.

Dozens of non-profit organizations and thousands of judicial victims, we have been working against judicial authoritarianism for years or decades, but we find ourselves with the systematically covering up complaints against prosecutors and judges. Only one judge has been sentenced to prison and a prosecutor has never been convicted, despite the fact that the injustice of these public officials is very common, as reflected in all the surveys published by the CIS, the INE, the Eurobarometers and the Reports of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO).


We are concerned that most people believe that the usual judicial errors are due to the incompetence of the judges, because that is not the case. Injustice is the consequence, mainly, of a authoritarian system and that judges do not knowingly comply with the law. The ignorance of this problem by the majority of the population, makes its solution difficult.

In this context of systemic institutional authoritarianism (abusecracy), we have created COMPLAINANTS OF THE JUDICIAL AUTHORITARIANISM to denounce the criminal actions of the judicial authorities and prosecutors, as well as to make public this main problem of Spanish society.

Our goal is that judges comply with the law and enforce the law to the rest of the public authorities, ending institutional and private corruption.


We ask people and all kinds of private organizations to participate in the following ways:


• Supporting this initiative and authorizing us to publish their name in the list of our website.
• Contacting our members to denounce prosecutors and judges who have victimized them.
• Spreading our existence.
• Spreading our complaints.
• Financing our activities.
• We ask the media to participate, publishing our complaints and creating a media debate about judicial corruption, as they did with political corruption.


In short, we work to make a better world, a legal and progressive society, in the sense that most people live better every day.