Knowing that judicial corruption is the most dangerous and main problem of Spanish society, as explained in our DECLARATION and in other documents published on this website, we oppose that it be systematically covered up and we do it in the following way:

1.- Denouncing prosecutors and judges who do not knowingly comply with the Law.

2.- Informing the media of these complaints so that the public debate and the concern of systemic judicial corruption be diffused.

3.- Informing the whole society of these complaints so that they know that this is the problem of Spain, from which the rest of the problems derive.

4.- Informing the Spanish and European institutions of these complaints so that they end with the IMPUNITY of the prosecutors and judges.

5.- Promoting that other people and organizations denounce corrupt prosecutors and judges so that they contribute in the solution of the problem.

6.- Promoting the judges to be judged by a Popular Jury, adding to the petition launched by the European Movement for Justice, which we incorporate into this website.