Demolishing Report on the Spanish Rule of Law in 2022, to make Spaniards and international institutions aware of the serious situation in Spain (PDF)





Spanish Government



On 11.11.2022 we sent in the same email criminal complaint against the Spanish Government to the Spanish Supreme Court and to the European Commission, for several documentary falsehoods to shoot up public spending and debt, harming the financial interests of the EU, so the competence of investigation is exclusive to the European Public Prosecutor's Office, together with us as complainants.

See complaint here.

Complaint Extension 1 here
Complaint Extension 3 here

Complaint to the set of complaints here


Main press releases:

11-11-22 - Text of he complaint here

18-11-22 - Message to the European Parliament here

09-12-22 - The European Commission decides to investigate the complaint and the Spanish Supreme Court is informed of this unprecedented event. See here


Electoral crime of postal voting in Spain

The Alliance denounces the numerous cases of electoral crime of postal voting in Spain, in the European Commission, as well as the institutional design of an electoral computer program, made to alter the results. here


Harsh criticism of proposed anti-corruption directive
The Alliance again criticises the European Commission's push for corruption, once again, now with the proposed directive to criminalise corruption offences across the EU. here