1st COMPLAINT: Judicial authoritarianism against lawyers and the social sector


Press release in Spanish (PDF)


06/12/19 The leaders and lawyers of several associations have been economically sanctioned, denounced and criminally condemned illegally, by more than 63 prosecutors, judges and magistrates of several Autonomous Communities and by the Promoter of the Disciplinary Action of the General Council of the Judiciary; in addition, they have been economically harmed by several lawyers of the Administration of Justice (court clerks).
For the aforementioned reasons, it is denounced that from the judicial system, all lawyers are intimidated according to the ECHR and all associations, so that they do not defend the population, leaving them defenseless in the hands of the public authorities.
The tyranny of prosecutors and judges is destroying the lives of thousands of people every year, not only the poor but also the rich and businessmen. Anyone can be their victim. (PDF of the Complaint in Spanish)

Sign this petition to stop prosecutors and judges from allowing lawyers and judges to defend us:



2nd COMPLAINT: Complaint to the UN for torture by the Judiciary


Press release in Spanish (PDF)


11/02/2020 We denounce in the UN Committee against Torture and Degrading Treatment the facts of the previous denunciation, about the authoritarianism of the judicial authorities that denounce and condemn illegally, lawyers and leaders of judicial victims associations (PDF of the denunciation in Spanish).




3rd COMPLAINT: Complaint for cover-up of 1,128 murders


Press release in Spanish (PDF)

You can access the video in Spanish:


118/03/2021 In 2009, the members of the General Council of the Judiciary, the head of the Court Inspection Service, the President of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, in Barcelona, and the Chief Prosecutor of this same court, covered up 1,128 murders perpetrated by a criminal gang, created and directed by the former Chief Prosecutor of that court and two commanders of the Judicial Police of that court. These facts are denounced before Dolores Delgado, Attorney General of the State (PDF of the denunciation in Spanish).


Amnesty International is interested in this complaint (e-mails in PDF)




4th COMPLAINT: Complaint to the UN for covering up 1,128 murders in 2009 and 2021. 


Press release in English (PDF)

You can access the video in Spanish:


27/07/2021 After the cover-up of the complaint in the Attorney General's Office. The General Council of the Judiciary denied the documentation of the file where this body processed the complaint of these 1,128 murders. The Ombudsman and the Council of Transparency and Good Governance covered up the denial, evidencing the actions of the Government. Therefore, the Alliance has denounced in the UN Committee against Torture and Degrading Treatment, "30 public authorities, judicial except three", for covering up in 2009 and in 2021 that a metamafia, created in the Prosecutor's Office of the Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), murdered 1,128 people. (PDF of the complaint in Spanish). 



Complaints to the European Commission about the Royuela Dossier: 


CORRUPT JUDGE: On 14.12.2021 we have denounced the Spanish Government for breaching European rules for appointing in the Council of Ministers of 02.02.2021, for the Eurojust, the corrupt judge Elisabeth Castelló with 3.971.531CHF in Lugano (Switzerland). (PDF of the complaint in English)

Admission of the first complaint in the European Commission (in English)


BRIBERY OF PROSECUTORS: On 27.01.2022 we have denounced the Spanish Government for allowing José María Mena Álvarez (denounced for drug trafficking, more than 2.100 murders, more than 8.000 rigged sentences, introduction of false euros, money laundering, etc.), to bribe Francisco Bena Álvarez (denounced for drug trafficking, more than 2.100 murders, more than 8.000 rigged sentences, introduction of false euros, money laundering, etc.) 5,000,000, collected on 01.04.2021 at BANCO AFIRME in Monterrey (Mexico) and Concepción Talón, Chief Prosecutor of Barcelona, for having collected 3,000,000USD, on 29.06.2021 at the bank CITIBANAMEX also in Monterrey (Mexico). It is denounced that the Spanish Government is covering up for this Mena metamafia. (PDF of the complaint in English)


SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION: On 28.01.2022 we have denounced the cover-up in the Tax Agency and in the Audiencia Nacional of more than 126 criminals (former ministers, prosecutors, judges, police and tax authorities), denounced for laundering more than 5,246 euros, obtained through all kinds of crimes, including more than 2,100 murders. (PDF of the complaint in English)


CORRUPTION IN THE EUROPEAN PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE AND IN THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION: On 21.02.2022 we have denounced that José Borrel Fontelles, Vice President of the European Commission and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs was denounced for laundering 6,000,000USD, as well as four other Spanish politicians with positions in the European Union: Enrique Barón Crespo ($27 million), Pascual Maragall Mira ($152 million), Joaquín Almunia Amann ($27 million) and Felipe González Márquez ($184.2 million). In addition, María Concepción Sabadell Carnicero, Spanish Prosecutor at the European Public Prosecutor's Office, is denounced because "she is covering up our denunciations against the metamafia of José María Mena Alvarez (former Chief Prosecutor of Catalonia) probably bribed by the denounced". (PDF of the complaint in English)


18.03.2022 - Extensive complaint of the last one in the European Commission (PDF in English)


25.03.2022 - EU complaint about corruption in the European Public Prosecutor's Department (PDF in English)


12.04.2022 - Expanded denunciation of corruption in the high representative Borrel and others (PDF Press Release). Original complaint in English (PDF)


22.04.2022 - 2nd Supplementary Complaint. Borrel has been bribed by a group of US financiers. (PDF Press Release). Original complaint in English (PDF)


05-07.2022 - Royuela Dossier expanding Complaint. Brobes for disinformation campaign. Complaint in English (PDF)







Worldwide unprecedented complaint against the governments of Pedro Sánchez (2018-present),for ruining Spain by committing numerous crimes, including falsification of public documents, damaging the financial interests of the European Union and the euro, for which the investigation falls under the competence of the European Public Prosecutor's Office. The member countries are requested to appear in the case as injured parties. It is requested to declare illegal the restriction of the popular accusation when the European Public Prosecutor's Office is competent. Complaint in English (PDF).


Message to members of several committees of the European Parliament, informing them of this complaint against the Spanish Government (PDF)


On November 28, 2022, we have sent a letter to the Supreme Court to inform it that our complaint has been assigned to Unit F.3 Economics of the Member States I (Croatia and Spain) of the Directorate general for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission (PDF).


27/01/2023: Amplifying Complaint against the Government of Spain to the Supreme Court an the European Commission (PDF)