We ask people, groups and private organizations of all the world to support this project for the following reasons:

• Because judicial corruption is the norm of all countries in the world.

• Because judicial corruption is inseparable from authoritarian systems that, with the current technology, is creating the greatest slavery in history.

• Because Spain is one of the countries with the greatest institutional corruption in the world and has a special significance because it is part of the European Union and is the reference of more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries.

• Because it is a pioneering project to world level that will become the reference, encouraging it to be carried out in other countries.

• Because it has been created by the European Movement for Justice, which is the European benchmark in the fight against judicial corruption.


We ask people, groups and all kinds of private organizations to participate in any of the following ways:

• Supporting this initiative and authorizing us to publish their name in the list of our website.

• Denouncing prosecutors and judges who do not comply with the Law intentionally. If you want the complaints to be made by this Alliance, you can contact our members.

• Spreading our existence.

• Signing petitions for the Prosecutor Ministry to turn our complaints into complaints.

• Spreading our complaints.

• Financing our activities.

For an organization or group of social networks to support us, you must send an email to, with the name and country, authorizing us to publish it.

People can support us by signing one of the following petitions (available soon).